Bankruptcy Charges

Initial meeting to discuss options available to you: FREE

RJC’s Charges to assist with completing bankruptcy paperwork for submission to court: £200 + VAT

Court Costs (These will vary according to the court involved): £500 (approx)

IVA Charges


For a standard (basic no frills or peculiarities) arrangement Nominees fee of £2,000 plus VAT although only £400 plus VAT to be paid up front.  The rest comes if the proposal is approved.


Supervisor’s fees are charged on a time costs basis, so the more work needed the higher the cost. Fees to be paid from the contributions and NOT in addition to them.

Debt Monitoring Costs

One off - There is a flat fee of £200 for each and every occasion that the service is used. Other services that are not covered by the one off service can be purchased for additional fees, although the amount would be determined by particular circumstances.

Contract - There is a flat fee depending on how many instances of insolvent customers are encountered during each year; these are:

1-2: £25 per month
3-5: Additional £10 per month per instance
6-10: Additional £7.50 per month per instance
Over 10: Alternative fees apply for high usage


Fees are initially charged on the estimate of how many insolvencies the client will face. The actual charge will be determined on the basis of how many insolvencies are encountered during each year of the contract.

Collection fee - In both the One Off and Contract services there is a collection fee that is charged at 5% of any money that is realised from the insolvency.

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