Exit Planning


To ensure the effective operation of your business, it is sometimes necessary to close or sell a division that is no longer needed or one that is not performing as well as the rest of your business.


Whether it is a whole company or a small department; whether it is a close down or a sale; we are able to advise on the best way to deal with the removal of the problem.


This is an area of work where, if done incorrectly, there could be substantial ramifications, both financial and social.


To solve your problems we use options such as:


Reconstructions – Alterations to the financial or operational aspects of the business to streamline procedures


Redundancy programs – Advising on whether redundancy is the most appropriate course of action and how such actions can impact the rest of the business (this is not legal advice on the way to conduct redundancies)


Solvent or insolvent liquidations – Use of formal procedures to close unnecessary group companies or to close divisions of the business


Viability studies – Review of part or the whole of the business to determine the possibility of the business continuing


Striking off procedures – advising on the appropriate ways to close group companies without the use of a formal insolvency procedure

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