Insolvent Debt Monitoring Service –
Summary of available service

Available services

One off - This service is available to any creditor who wishes to maximise their rights in the event of an insolvency of one of their customers. This is available on a one off basis and can be used on an ‘as and when needed’ basis.

Contract - This service is provided on the signing of a contract for continued supply. This service covers any insolvency situation that is faced during the term of the contract.



One Off

  • Completion of all initial paperwork
  • Handling all initial correspondence with insolvency office holder
  • Completion and submission of claim forms
  • Pursuit of retention of title claims
  • Pursuit of any exceptional rights that may exist
  • Arranging attendance at creditors’ meeting, if appropriate



  • All of the benefits of One Off service, plus continued monitoring of debt throughout term
    of insolvency
  • Continued liaison with insolvency office holder to ensure job is completed on timely basis
  • Review of terms and conditions in regard to retention of title claims
  • Assistance in business practices to maximise future returns
  • Telephone help line for insolvency queries
  • Tax assistance in connection with insolvent debt

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